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Jason Bateman and Wife Amanda Anka Name Daughter Maple Sylvie 28180

Maple is on trend with a new category of nature names that we've seen emerge. Now that just about every flower in the garden has been adopted as a baby name—from old favorites like Lily, Rose, and Daisy, to fresher blooms like Camellia, Azalea, and Zinnia--some adventurous parents are looking to the forest (specifically trees) for inspiration.

We've heard of babies named Oak, Pine--and now there's a Maple. But while most tree names are strong and masculine, Maple, with its ties to sugar and syrup, has a much sweeter, more feminine image. Middle name Sylvie, the French version of Sylvia that is gradually gaining favor in the U.S., ties in very well with Maple; its sylvan meaning also relates to the forest.

Mom Amanda Anka, daughter of singer Paul, obviously opted not to follow her parents' pattern of same-initialed names. Amanda's sisters are Amelia, Anthea, Alicia, and Alexandra.

Maple is the third nontraditional name that we've heard in Hollywood in recent weeks. Last month, there was Beyonce's Blue Ivy, followed by Robert Downey Jr.'s Exton Elias.

What do you think of baby Maple's name?

Photo: Jason Bateman and Amanda Anka at The Change Up World Premiere, Village Theater, Westwood, CA, via s_bukley/Shutterstock.com

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