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I've been thinking about the latest spate of celebrity baby names, and I've noticed a trend—the celebs who have more unique names themselves gave their kids very traditional names (i.e. actress Shiri Appleby and her daughter, Natalie), while ones who have more common names themselves went offbeat for their babies (see Holly Madison and her daughter, Rainbow Aurora, and Kristen Bell and her daughter, Lincoln Bell Shepard).

So are we all looking to give our kids the names we wish we had? I know I didn't like that my name was super popular and had no nickname possibilities, and so I gave my girls names that weren't super common (Katharine and Margaret), and came with a slew of nickname possibilities. And I've seen that with some of my friends—one who loathed the fact that her name, Katherine, was always shortened to a nickname, gave her sons names that can't really be shortened. Another who disliked the offbeat spelling of her name gave her kids names with classic spellings.

I think it's only natural that we'd want to give our kids names in the style we wish we'd been named. But does that mean that my daughters are going to pick short and sweet names for their kids? Or that all the Olivias and Jacobs from this generation are going to rebel and give their kids offbeat names like Wheat and Amaryllis?

Let me know if my theory's totally bunk! In the comments, let me know what you would have changed about your own name—and if you picked names for your kids don't have that particular issue.

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