A foreign name certainly isn't rare in the US these days, but a town in East Java, Indonesia, wants to limit the practice.

Lawmakers in Surabaya have proposed a bylaw that would give a suggested name list to new parents, including traditional names and notable local figures like Sawunggaling, Joko, and Rondo. Parents wouldn't be limited to the names on the list, but proponents hope it would encourage them to go with more traditional names.

Baktiono, the council member behind the proposal, says, "We are wary of the many parents in Surabaya who are happy to give their children foreign names, whether from Europe, Japan, or Middle Eastern countries. Just look at names like Roberto, Michael, Abu, and many others."

What would such a list look like in the US? Would it have trendy names like Aiden and Ava, or more traditional names like John and Mary? What names would you put on a list of US names?