But will her mini me get a K name or not?

Kylie Jenner - baby names
Credit: Sky Cinema/Shutterstock

We don't even know yet if Kylie Jenner is actually pregnant, but that hasn't stopped Twitter users from speculating about the possible future Jenner's name.

It's a really fun guessing game because the options here are basically endless. Will the Keeping Up star go with something like "Dash" or "Reality" as a nod to the vehicle that made her famous? With "Butterfly," like the matching tattoos she got with Baby Daddy Travis Scott would seem to imply? Or, as one Twitter user suggested, perhaps she'll name her mini me after the product that helped launched her billion-dollar empire:

Or at least after one of her best-selling shades:

Personally, I'm partial to Dolce... though Kristen does start with the ever-present K. As does this incarnation of our fave salad topping:

Newsflash, guys: Kylie's last name is Jenner. Though if she does decide to keep up with the whole K thing, we think the royal route is def a possibility:

Of course, there's always the chance she will end up marrying Scott and give the bambino his last name, in which case there's really only one option and we're pretty sure Stephane Sidley has it nailed:

Then again, "Great" sounds so much like 'Saint" (the name of big sister Kim's little guy) that things might get confusing. Which is why we are totally down with this option instead:

It's good right? What do you think Kylie will name her baby (you know, if she's really having one)? Let us know if the comments. Oh and if you want to dress up as the expectant mama for Halloween, it turns out you can do that now, too.

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