We all want our kiddos to feel special—so it's no surprise that unique baby names and unique spellings have become so popular in the U.S. In fact, the number of babies represented in the top 10 names or even the top 1000 names on the Social Security list dwindles each and every year (it's down by more than five percent over the past several years)—which means that more and more people are choosing names that only a handful of other kiddos get.

And it also means that once you've settled on the perfect name for your future kiddo, you tend to get a wee bit territorial about it. Heck, we've written articles about baby name stealing, and how much trouble it can cause. And it even ended up becoming a major plot point in an episode of Sex and the City. Remember Charlotte's much beloved, "made up" baby name Shayla? (P.S. She didn't make it up—it's actually an Irish variation on Cecelia!)

And now, there's this hilarious sendup of the whole baby name stealing phenomenon, courtesy of Reductress (essentially, the Onion for the ladies).

Have you been the victim (or the perpetrator) of a baby name theft? Did it break up a pair of BFFs, or were you able to get over it and find a new (and maybe even improved) name? Share your story!

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Image: Baby names by Alexandra Grablewski