Choosing a baby name is hard, obviously. That's why we have a whole blog devoted to it. But for some parents, "hard" is more like "near impossible."

Enter Shannon and Gary Harth. As of March 11, their Leap-Day baby was still nameless. That makes 12 days that the Australian couple has gone without settling on a name for their babe.

The new boy is their third child. The Harths say naming their first daughter -- Abby -- was easy, but number two -- Zoe -- was a little harder. That's why she wound up with two middle names. And as for the new little guy... the parents narrowed the name down to six before he was born, and are now stuck between two different choices -- one modern and one more traditional. (The Harths won't reveal the actual names until they've settled on one.)

Why all the trouble? "A baby changes every day, which also makes it hard to work out what name they suit best," says Shannon. She calls naming a baby one of the hardest and most important decisions a parent can make.

The Harths can't wait forever -- in their native Queensland, it's required to settle on a name within 60 days of birth. Until then, we'll be waiting.

What do you think? Did you wait to name your baby? Do you wish you'd waited?