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When Jessica Simpson and fiancé Eric Johnson announced the birth of their daughter—and their offbeat name choice, Maxwell Drew—they received quite a bit of flack about it. (The idea of "Maxi" as a nickname—as in maxi pad—put off a lot of critics.) So maybe they're trying to head off some of the negativity at the pass by letting their soon-to-be baby's name slip out a little early. And according to news reports, their future son is grabbing a name with a "tops" meaning—Ace. (It's a word name that means one or expert.)

It's another unique choice, though one that's becoming more popular—Ace has been chosen by a few celebrity parents in the past, and it's most well-known as the name of KISS's former guitarist, Ace Frehley. It's on the rise in the U.S., but still not super popular—it's currently in the top 600 in the U.S.

No word on a middle name yet, but with something like Ace, you aren't looking at a Jonathan or Alexander. We're talking more like Hendrix, Legend or Montana.

Do you think that Ace is truly their baby name choice? And what middle name would you pair with it?

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