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While Tiana-May may be a pretty name, we at Nameberry are frankly hoping for something more original, more exotic, more like Beyoncé itself. The pop diva, after all,  made her own unique name a household word.

The name Beyoncé was created from her mother Tina's maiden name, Beyincé.  The singer's given name is Beyoncé Giselle Knowles, while dad Jay-Z was born Shawn Corey Carter.

Inventive names run in Beyoncé's family.  Her sister's name is Solange Piaget.  Solange is a French saint's name that means "solemn."  Their maternal grandparents were named Lumis and Agnez.

Beyoncé has even created an alter-ego with an imposing name: Sasha Fierce, whom she's described as super-confident and fearless in a way she could never be.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are rumored to be expecting a baby girl.  What will her name be?  A creative twist on Beyoncé's maiden name, like Knola, or on her grandmother's maiden name Dereon?  An energetic unisex alias ala Sasha – Rory, perhaps, or Dasha?  Or maybe Shawn Jr. for a boy or a girl?

The couple might take inspiration from their home décor or their personal heroes, as Mariah Carey did when she named her twins Moroccan and Monroe, with the musical nicknames Roc and Roe.

Or maybe Beyoncé and Jay-Z will discover an exotic name like Suri, the choice of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, or use a name with a private meaning such as Shiloh, the secret name Angelina Jolie once used for herself and later gave to her daughter?

Or maybe Beyoncé and Jay-Z will fool us all with a baby boy they'll give a conventional name like Mathew, after Beyoncé's dad.

What's your guess?  We'd love to hear your most creative choices and imaginative ideas.  Winner gets bragging rights for life. (See more on this topic from Nameberry.)

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