By Lisa Milbrand
May 12, 2015
Haylie Duff 28691

It's a girl for Real Girl's Kitchen host and actress Haylie Duff and her fiance Matt Rosenberg, who welcomed their daughter yesterday, just one day after Mother's Day! And the baby name they picked is one that's traditionally been true blue, but is recently seeing a huge upswing for the girls: Ryan.

Ryan is an Irish name that means "little king," and has been a consistent top 50 pick for boys. But this year it was one of the big movers and shakers on the girls' side of the aisle, moving up more than 100 places to just outside the top 500 names for girls. (Perhaps its rise can be traced back to its usage for Sandra Bullock's astronaut, Dr. Ryan Stone, in Gravity?)

There's no word on what middle name Haylie and Matt picked to go with it, but I'd pair it with a short and sweet name, like Jade, Jane, Maeve or Leigh (perhaps as a little homage to mom?).

Baby Ryan joins her cousin, Luca, the son of Lizzie Maguire and Younger star Hilary Duff—who also sports a more unisex-style name.

Tell us: What do you think of Haylie and Matt's baby name pick for their brand new daughter? What middle name would you pair with Ryan?

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Image: Courtesy of Haylie Duff/Instagram