Flowery Baby Names: Beyond Violet, Rose, Daisy and Lily 28225

We've seen a bumper crop of babies named Violet, Rose, Daisy and Lily—but there's a whole garden of beautiful bloom names ready to be picked. Consider some of these flowers for your future daughter.

Poppy This bold and cheerful bloom is perfect for a girl with a big personality.

Primrose You may discover that this name gets a boost from the popularity of the Hunger Games, as it was the name of heroine Katniss's beloved little sister.

Marigold If you're having a fall baby, consider the name of this autumnal bloom.

Dahlia This large, exotic flower has somewhat mysterious connotations, thanks to its connection to an infamous unsolved Hollywood murder, the Black Dahlia. It's a beautiful alternative to Daisy.

Tulip Find inspiration in this bright spring flower name. It has never cracked the top 1000—but it's an offbeat floral name option.

Blossom Blossom may still be connected to that 80s sitcom, but it's a sweet name if you just can't narrow it down to one particular flower.

Peony This fragrant, showy bloom is the national flower of China—and it's a beautiful alternative to Lily.

Petunia If you're looking for a pretty, old-fashioned name choice, consider this common garden bloom—as long as you don't mind that it was once used in the Loony Tunes cartoons for Porky Pig's girlfriend.

Orchid Consider this exotic and bold bloom for your daughter—it makes a nice alternative to Violet.

Anemone This bright-hued, black-centered flower can be a beautiful choice for your garden—and for your daughter's name. Keep in mind that many may associate Anemone with the sea bloom instead of the garden one.

Heather Once red-hot in the 1980s, this name, based on a tiny, pink flower that grows on rocky Scottish heaths, has declined in popularity over recent years, but still makes a beautiful name choice.

Would you consider a floral name for your child? Have I missed a good one?

Photo: Baby in a Bed of Flowers by Heather LaVelle / Shutterstock