Eli Manning, Odd Name Out 28177

You watched the Super Bowl, and saw the Giants beat the Patriots.

I watched the Super Bowl, and saw a fascinating sibling name dynamic.

Eli Manning, quarterback of the winning New York Giants, is the younger brother of certain Hall-of-Fame quarterback Peyton Manning. His other big brother is named Cooper. Here, I stop and get confused. Peyton and Cooper go together perfectly -- both are last-names-turned first, and have a similar feel. Then comes... Eli? A biblical name? No wonder the kid must have felt like he had something to prove. (Another win for Eli: Peyton is now ranked higher on the girls' charts than the boys'.)

Quick name game: What would you have named the third Manning son?

Some ideas:

Brady (yes, I did get this idea from Patriots quarterback Tom Brady)

Your turn!

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