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According to one judge in Tennessee, not so much. Messiah DeShawn Martin's parents couldn't agree on a name for their baby, so they took their battle to court. A child support magistrate in Tennessee recently ruled that Jaleesa Martin could not name her child Messiah (which, incidentally, is currently in the top 400 baby names in the country, so she was hardly being unique), because "It's a title that has only been earned by one person—Jesus Christ," magistrate Lu Ann Ballew told a local TV station. And she changed the baby's name to Martin Deshawn McCullough.

As we've talked about in the past, the U.S. doesn't generally outlaw baby names, though other countries have limitations on what children can be named. Jaleesa is appealing the decision, and I'm thinking she may win—though this case is complicated by the fact that both parents aren't agreeing on the baby's name. You can catch a CNN report on the story here:

So what do you think? Did the judge have the right to pick a name for the baby? Are there any baby names that you think should be banned in the U.S.?

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