The Kardashians love names that start with K. The Duggars gave every single one of their 19 kids J names, from Josh to Josie. And former heavyweight champ George Foreman infamously named every single one of his five sons George (along with one of his daughters, Georgetta).

But even if you aren't quite bold enough to give all of your babies the exact same name, you might consider looking for names that mesh well together for your children. Here are some ways you could incorporate a theme into your name planning:

Do You Have a Baby Name Theme? 28217

Find a set of names that share certain syllables and sounds. For an example, look no further than Adam Sandler's two daughters, Sadie Madison and Sunny Madeline. Or simply follow the Kardashians' lead and stick with a specific first initial. (One caveat about choosing very similar sounding names, from the mom of a Katie and a Maggie—you will likely call your children by their siblings' names, more often than not.)

Choose names that relate to  a certain subject. You could let your name choices be inspired by places you've visited, or choose all nature or floral-themed names, like celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, who gave his daughters the names Poppy, Daisy and Petal Blossom.

Pick names that suit your heritage. Go with all Irish names if your family hails from the Emerald Isle—like Connor and Shannon.

Find names that all share the same meaning. For instance, you can go with a set of names that all mean "happy," such as Felix and Blythe.

Select a stellar middle name to use for all of your kids. For instance, all of Sylvester Stallone's daughters have the middle name Rose.

What do you think about a family name theme? Is it cheese, or a clever way to promote family unity? If you do have a baby naming theme, what is it?

Photo: The Kardashians by Kevan Brooks/AdMedia