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Are we picking names that fit into gender stereotypes when we choose our children's names? If you look at word name picks—names like Charity and Grey—it certainly seems like it. In taking a look at the biggest movers and shakers—the names that are moving quickly up the list—you'll find that most fall along these lines:

- Boys are bestowed names that are fancy titles.Yeah,  a few parents named their girls Khaleesi, but a ton of guys got real-life honorary titles, like Major, Duke, King and Deacon. (Duke alone jumped over 429 places on the list.) The only fancy title on the girls' big risers list? Princess, which could just as easily be in homage to Snow White as it is to a real life royal.

- Girls are given floral names. With Violet and Lily near the top of the popularity list, it's not really surprising that some less common florals made the list—Azalea, Dahlia, Iris and Magnolia among them. The boys didn't even get a single nod to nature among their biggest jumpers.

- Boys get names that connote risk taking. There's Gunner and Archer, and Major is usually a military title. Maverick actually means risk taker. And Legend? Well, you don't get to be a legend by playing by the rules.

- Girls are given safer names. There's Haven, Mercy, Charity, and Laurel. Even Olive could be considered in this category, since the olive branch is often considered a sign of peace.

And only one name appeared on both the boys' and girls' lists—Justice, which seems to be an up-and-coming name for both boys and girls.

Tell us: Have you considered a word name for your child? Does it fall along these gender lines? Would you ever consider crossing the aisle with some of the word names—for instance, choosing a risk-taking name like Maverick or Legend for a girl, or going with a "safe" name like Haven for a boy?

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