Maybe you've already seen the latest YouTube sensation, the talented musical sister duo, Lennon and Maisy Stella. Besides doing a killer version of Robyn's Call Your Girlfriend (see below), this pair of sweet singers may just provide you with a little name inspiration for your own daughters—or even a son!

Lennon Stella confirmed on Twitter that she was indeed named after legendary musician John Lennon. And you can bet that that's the same story behind anyone else who's been given this name. It seems there are plenty of Beatles-loving parents in the current generation, as the name has risen quickly into the top 1,000 names over the past decade. The interesting thing is that it's used almost exclusively for boys, so this is one of the only instances I know of a girl being given the name. But whether you have a boy or a girl, Lennon is a meaningful choice for musically inclined parents, and can make a lovely middle name if you aren't daring enough to try it for a first name. Nicknames could include Leni or Lena, and I see it pairing nicely with a middle name that ends with an "ee" sound, like Avery, Zoe or Chloe. (I'm not sure what middle name this Lennon's parents chose for their daughter.)

Maisy, Lennon's little sister, has a name that's a common nickname for Margaret, which means pearl. The more common spelling is Maisie, but neither version has ranked above the top 1,000 names, making this a more unique name choice if you like some of the more popular names like Daisy, Maya or Mackenzie. This would be a sweet choice paired with a middle name like Violet, Quinn or Eleanor.

So, what do you think about these two sweet songstresses? And are you daring enough to add Maisy or Lennon to your short list of baby names?