Cool Name of the Week: Louisa 28210

Our friends over at Nameberry discussed what boys'  names are cool and current—and which ones are verboten. The debate started because there's a new French movie, What's in a Name? about the drama associated with that very personal choice—especially if you choose a powder keg name like Adolph.

While Adolph may still be controversial pretty much anywhere on the planet, thanks to Germany's former leader, I found pick on their list of "daring" boys' names that I'm kind of loving: Walker.

Walker is an occupational name—like Mason and Tanner—and has a pretty cool pedigree. It's a middle name for both the Presidents Bush, and a common surname, for everyone from football great Herschel Walker to author Alice Walker to late actor Paul Walker, of The Fast and the Furious franchise. And of course, it was Chuck Norris's character on Walker, Texas Ranger, and is currently the nickname given to the zombies on the uberpopular Walking Dead series—both of which give the name a little extra dose of cool.

Walker's currently just outside the top 400 names for boys, making it a name that's common enough not to provoke a "huh?" response, but will probably ensure that your kiddo's the only one sporting it in his class. And I can kind of make the case that it'd be a way to pay homage to a Walter in your past, with a fresher and more current name.

Walker seems suited for a one-syllable middle name pairing. Something simple like James, Jett or True works in my book.

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