Cool Name of the Week: Louisa 28210

I was sad to see that the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, died today. For anyone who grew up in the 1980s, she was the face of England, as the first female prime minister of that country. I think she inspired many girls and women around the world to rise to power. (I'm hoping to see that come to play here in the U.S., too.)

While I'm a big fan of her first name, Margaret—I even gave it to one of my daughters—I also think her last name makes a fabulous first name. A thatcher was a old-time roofer (back when thatched roofs were in), and it's one of those "job" names that have become red hot—names like Taylor, Mason, Sawyer and Hunter. While it's considered a boy's name, I think it would work nicely for a girl as well, especially when placed in the middle slot.

In addition to Margaret Thatcher, there are a few who bear the name—there's Thatcher Grey, the father of Meredith on Grey's Anatomy. And of course, classic lit lovers will recognize it as the surname of Tom Sawyer's sweetheart, Becky. (Perhaps pairing a Sawyer and a Thatcher within a sib group would make a nice homage to Mark Twain's magnum opus?)

Thatcher needs a distinctive name to go with it. For boys, I'd pair Thatcher with middle names like Jude, Mead or Finn. For girls, I like it with Jane, Jade or Marnie—you pick the order, depending on how daring you are.

What do you think? Would Thatcher make your short list of names? Or does another occupational name work better for you? If you're having problems coming up with a great name for your baby and want some advice, feel free to share your dilemma with me at

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