Cool Name of the Week: Louisa 28210

Odds are, you've probably heard the "song of the summer," Robin Thicke's controversial "Blurred Lines," about a billion times. (Unless, of course, you have kids and don't think lyrics like "must wanna get nasty" are appropriate for a three-year-old.) I'm old enough that I immediately recognized Robin as looking like his dad, Alan, the affable TV dad on Growing Pains.

I'm wondering if the younger Thicke, red-hot Robin, will help bring back the name, which has fallen out of the top 1000 for both boys and girls. It's a sweet, cheerful name, associated with that red-breasted harbinger of spring—and it has a ton of pop-culture cache. Think Batman's sidekick, rob-from-the-rich Robin Hood, and on the girls' side of the equation, Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother. Of course, the big question is whether this unisex favorite is now going to make a comeback for girls or boys.

Personally, I think it sounds fresher for a boy, where it's a new way to pay homage to a Robert ancestor.

I'd probably pair it with an offbeat, sharp middle name—I like Jet, Jude or Zane for boys, or Margeaux, Belle or Violet for girls.

What do you think: Is Robin better for boys or girls—or don't you like it at all?

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