Cool Name of the Week: Louisa 28210

I'm dedicating this column to a lovely family I know, who is mourning the loss of their beautiful Pierre. I was never fortunate enough to know Pierre in real life, but I saw him grow up on Facebook. He had a soft, gentle smile that really lit up his whole face—and from the stories his mother Mary regaled us with, it was clear he was thriving thanks to the loving care of his family, after spending his first years in a Haitian orphanage. And it was also clear, from the numerous posts on Mary's Facebook page, that Pierre's life has touched the hearts of hundreds of people from around the world. I know my words won't mean much in the face of their grief, but his name was in my heart today.

Pierre is the Frenchified version of Peter, and it means rock—a nice, solid classic for a boy. While Peter has largely stayed in the top 200 baby names for the past century, Pierre has zig-zagged all over the map, and has even moved out of the top 1000 altogether. But I think it's a lovely way to pay homage to a Peter, but with a little French twist.

I'm not sure what middle name Mary and Doug chose for their son—or if they kept the name he was given in the orphanage. Pierre pairs beautifully with other French names like Blaise, Julian, Noel or Warren. Or try something like Valentin, Hudson, Sebastian, James or Leo. They're all lovely names—just like Pierre.