Cool Name of the Week: Louisa 28210

Are you watching the show Revenge? I'm loving the totally catty, super-sudsy soap opera of it all. And one of my favorite characters is Nolan. He's a tech mogul and Emily's true partner in crime—the guy who helps her hack into computers, spy on her enemies and take down the people who helped undo her dad and send her to juvy all those years ago. This guy is a real, true-blue friend—almost to the point of ridiculousness. (I think I'd probably risk my life only once or twice for my friend before, you know, I'd probably stop returning her calls.) I'm excited to see that he's developing a little bit of a romance beyond his life with Emily—and hope that it goes much better for him than every other romance on this show has fared.

And Nolan has a name that's a real champ—in fact, that's what the name means, "champion." It's also a name that's on a huge upsurge here in the U.S.—it's currently in the top 100, and I'd expect to see it going even higher when the 2012 numbers are listed. It's an Irish name (a surname, actually), so it's a great choice if you like Aiden or Liam, but want to give your son something that's a little less common.

It's also a name that has some famous namesakes. We're talking baseball great Nolan Ryan, and fashion designer Nolan Miller.

As for middle names, I'd probably pair it with a multi-syllable name like Christopher, Zachary or Timothy—or something short and sweet, like Chance, Gray, or George.

Let me know if Nolan's a name you'd consider for your son—and if you're having a hard time coming up with a name for your child, don't forget to email me at lamilbrand AT!

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