Cool Name of the Week: Louisa 28210

Christmas week always brings  holiday themed baby name, and right now, I'm loving the unisex Marley. The name has the picturesque meaning of "meadow by the sea." Its Christmasy claim to fame is the name of Scrooge's wandering, ghostly partner, Jacob Marley—the one who tried to change Scrooge's path and help him see the error of his ways. And of course, it's the surname of legendary reggae artist Bob Marley, and the name of the crazy dog in the popular Marley and Me book and movie.

While it's considered a unisex name, it's kind of fallen over to the girl side of the equation. It had a very brief run (from 2008-2010) in the top 1000 for boys before falling off the chart again, while for girls, it's leveling out in the top 300 names in the country after a run of nearly 20 years on the charts.

Marley could go with a few cute middle names. I like it with virtue-y names like Joy, True, Faith, Holiday and Hope. I also like it with James, which has quickly become a unisex middle name choice, or even nature names like Snow, Violet or Rose.

What do you think of the name Marley? Has it gone to the dogs, or is it a name you might consider for your baby? Check our Baby Name Finder for great ideas for your baby, and like In Name Only on Facebook to keep up with the latest in baby names.