By Lisa Milbrand
May 26, 2013

I've spent the past couple of weeks dissecting the trends of the top baby names of the year—and one name that rose exponentially was Major, which jumped a whopping 505 points in the past year, landing just within the top 500 names for the U.S. It seems an apropos cool name for today, as Major is an officer-level rank in the U.S. Army—and what better name to honor on a day when we're honoring our veterans?

Major comes from the Latin word that means "greater"—in addition to being that area of focus you chose in college, and a high military rank. It gives a sense that your child's destined for greatness (and whose kid isn't?). The name was picked for their youngest by Robert and Cortney Novogratz, a pair of TV designers with a makeover show on HGTV. (Their entire clan—7 strong!—has too-cool-for-school names: Wolfgang, 16, twins Bellamy and Tallulah, 14, Breaker, 12, twins Five and Holleder, 8.)

Major is a little bit tricky—you'll want to watch out when pairing it with word middle names or surnames—you don't want your child to be considered a Major Hazard or a Major Snow, for instance. (And don't even THINK about pairing it with Richard!) I like it with short and sweet middle names, like James or Knox.

What do you think about the name Major? Is it a name you'd consider for your son? (And what do you think of the rest of the Novogratz clan's name choices?) I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank our soldiers for the sacrifices they have made in honor of our country. I am proud that my father and both of my grandfathers honorably served our country in wartime—and incredibly lucky that they were among our brave servicemen who made it home.

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