Cool Name of the Week: Louisa 28210

We're still coming down from all the royal baby hoopla here—and while George seems like it's absolutely going to get its resurgence, thanks to Prince William and Duchess Kate's selection, I feel like the future king's middle names might get lost in the shuffle.

And Louis doesn't deserve that fate. It's a name that means renowned warrior, and comes from a German and French background. It dropped out of the top 100 back in the 1960s, but just recently had a small spike, and currently sits at number 312 in the U.S.

It's a truly royal name, used for a series of French kings, and several German royals—and it's one of Prince William's middle names, too. You'll find some other famous namesakes—jazz great Louis Armstrong, comedian Louis C.K., and Louis de Pointe du Lac, Anne Rice's tortured Interview with the Vampire protagonist. And it's a name I would have picked if I'd had a son, after my beloved grandfather.

One thing you need to decide with this name is whether you're pronouncing the "s" at the end, making it Lew-iss vs. the more Frenchified Lew-ee. (My grandfather was a Lew-iss, but I'm loving the fancier Lew-ee.)

And of course, you have to pick a middle name. I like Louis with Alexander (Prince William and Duchess Kate = excellent baby namers!), Abraham, Henry or Frederick.

What do you think of Louis? Is it a baby name you'd pick?