Cool Name of the Week: Louisa 28210

So, did you happen to watch any football last night? That was the most interesting Super Bowl game I've watched in the past decade at least (blackout and stellar performance by Beyonce included). And while much of the attention went (deservedly) to QB Joe Flacco—and (perhaps less deservedly) to Ray Lewis, I was really taken with the amazing play by Jacoby Jones—his end zone to end zone kick return was a record breaker for both the Super Bowl and for football in general. (The play was so amazing that even my husband, who's not a football fan by any stretch of the imagination, had to rewind to watch it once more.)

Jacoby is a variant on the top-spot name, Jacob, and it means "supplanter." But this lesser-known variant is at #487 in popularity, vs. #1 for Jacob. And it's a name that's associated entirely with sports guys (perfect for the sports-loving dad): In addition to the swift-footed Jacoby Jones from the Ravens, there's Jacoby Ellsbury, a centerfielder with the Boston Red Sox.

As for middle names to pair with Jacoby, I like that double "J" that Jacoby Jones is sporting. You could use James or Jackson (or even Jet) to get that sound combination. I'd also pair it with some of the more unique middle names that are becoming popular. I like it with the directional names, like West or North.

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Photo: Pregnant woman via Ronald Summers/