By Lisa Milbrand
March 02, 2014

If you kept your kids up way past their bedtimes to watch the incomparable Idina Menzel belt out the Frozen showstopper (and Oscar winner)  "Let It Go," you might be a little confused about what her name really is. (John Travolta, what were you doing?) But her first name isn't Adele or Dell or Aziz or whatever the heck he mumbled—it's Idina. (For the record, it's pronounced uh-DEE-nah.) Don't worry that Travolta's slip-up means this name is doomed to constant butchering. Odds are, Ms. Menzel (who I'm just one degree of separation from, thanks to a very good friend who performed in high school shows with her) is about to put the name on the map.

And Idina actually has a connection to the map—it's a variant of Edina, which means "from Edinburgh." It's a name that hasn't been in the top 1000—yet—but it's a big climber over at Nameberry, and I'm guessing it'll break the top 1000 very soon.

Idina Menzel's parents paired it with Kim, but I'd look for a more poetic name to go with it—I'd love it with True, Rose, Ever, and Evangeline.

What do you think of the name of Idina? Is it ready for the limelight?

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