Cool Name of the Week: Louisa 28210

Anyone else watching Shameless? Based on a popular BBC series, the show follows the Gallagher clan—six scrappy kids (led by big sister Fiona), who are trying to survive on Chicago's south side, with their alcoholic, drug-addled dad Frank constantly thwarting their attempts at getting ahead. It's my regular Sunday night date with my husband, as we check in on the latest outrageous storylines. (This week's included a lewd grocery store manager and a long-lost ex-wife who suddenly came back into town.)

Emmy Rossum plays Fiona in this iteration—and she's a lovely but tough chick who begs, borrows and steals whatever she needs to keep her siblings together.

The name Fiona comes from Scotland, and means "the fair one." It didn't hit the big time here in the U.S. until the 1990s, when a pair of pop culture Fionas,  singer Fiona Apple and Shrek's ogre-y princess Fiona, made this pretty name a big hit. The name is currently in the mid-200s here in the U.S., and on the rise.

It's a great alternative to some of the feminine names that currently top the charts, including Sophia, Olivia and Amelia.

If you love the name Fiona, you'll want to select a middle name that's shorter to go with it. I'd pair it with Grace, Eve or Jade if you like single-syllable middle names, or Winter, Daisy or Violet, if you prefer something a bit longer.

What do you think about the name Fiona? Do you think it's tainted by its association with Shrek, or is it good-to-go for your daughter?

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