Cool Name of the Week: Louisa 28210

I tried hard to get into Dr. Who when I was younger—but even though I was digging the extra long scarf sported by the Doctor back when I was a kid, I could never manage to care enough about the Tardis and the Daleks. But I just finished watching the big 50th anniversary episode of the good Doctor's show, and I have to say I might be interested in watching more. And I especially loved his current companion, Clara Oswin Oswald—the impossible girl who seems to have saved Doctor Who a whole lot. (Reminding me a whole lot of my other favorite girl who saved the world a lot...Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But with a much cooler name.)

Clara's experienced a resurgence outside of the Doctor's fans—after a dip through the 198s0 and 1990s, it's now climbing and currently at #136. It's a name of Latin descent, and means clear and bright. It also has some lovely historical meaning, thanks to Civil War nurse Clara Barton, silent screen star Clara Bow, and Clara, the lead character in the Christmas classic, Nutcracker. And it's a nice alternative to the more popular Claire.

It's a delicate name that works beautifully with some elegant middle names. I love it with Emily, Violet, Josephine, Margaret or even Scarlett. If you like the short-and-sweet middle names, there's always Jane, Blue or even Bette.

What do you think of Clara? Is it a name you'd consider for your daughter?

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