Cool Name of the Week: Louisa 28210

My youngest daughter, Maggie, started kindergarten last week. And she has already attracted a fabulous new friend: a light-hearted little girl with a long tumble of blond curls. Calista is her name, and she was my godsend on Tuesday. Calista tried so hard to help entice Maggie into kindergarten when Maggie was clinging to my leg and refusing to go into school. And ever since that day, these fast friends have been walking into kindergarten each day holding hands. (Which, thankfully, has meant no more Maggie tantrums to deal with!)

Calista is a Greek name that means beautiful—and it's the perfect name for this little girl (and maybe for yours, too). It's a name that isn't currently in the top 1000 (it last charted at 888 in 2003), and it makes a nice alternative to some of the more popular names out there now: Chloe, Camila and Claire. Callisto was a huntress in Greek myth, who had dedicated her life to the goddess Artemis—until Zeus fell in love with her.

Only one celebrity has the name—and that's Calista Flockhart, from Ally McBeal and Brothers & Sisters.

A name like Calista needs a middle name that's just as beautiful. I'd go with something like Belle, Maeve, Grace or True—something short, but lovely. If you wanted a longer middle name, Phoebe, Josephine or Violet just might work.

I think it's the perfect name for a little girl with a song in her heart—as this little Calista clearly has. What do you think of the baby name Calista? Is it a baby name you'd consider for your daughter?

Photo: Pregnant woman via Ronald Summers/