Cool Name of the Week: Louisa 28210

The stores may think we're ready to break out the holly and mistletoe before we even trick or treat, but as far as I'm concerned, the holiday season doesn't officially start until I've viewed It's a Wonderful Life at least once. Jimmy Stewart's brilliant performance as George Bailey, who needs that extra reminder of what life's true riches are, helps get me in the Christmas spirit.

While there are quite a few names to love in that movie—including on-the-rise names like Violet and and even the cute Zuzu, George's adorable daughter—if you're looking for a great name from the movie, why not go with that Bailey surname? This surname-as-a-name means "law enforcer," and was originally an í¼ber-popular boys' name—going as high as 151 back in 1997. But it's now gone almost entirely to the girls, as it's currently #88 in the U.S. for girls—and it's even more popular if you count the alternative spellings, Baylee and Bayley.

Bailey needs a sweet, soft middle name, like Rose, Lark or True for girls—or Jude, Reed or Flynn for boys. And for a baby born during the holiday season, it's a charming choice (though watch out for Bailey's Irish Cream jokes).

Looking for more baby names that suit the season? You can check out this list of great contenders for a baby that's due during the holiday season just in case Bailey (or another It's a Wonderful Life option) isn't the right one for you.

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