By Lisa Milbrand
July 06, 2014
Cool Name of the Week: Louisa 28210

The National Weather Service recycles a series of 21 names for the hurricanes that run amok in the Atlantic every hurricane season. And this year's first named storm of the year added a little extra excitement to the Fourth of July festivities, as Arthur paid a visit to North Carolina and made for a stormy holiday for much of the East Coast.

But this old-school name may be perfect for a modern-day boy. After a few decades of decline, it seems to be back on its way up to the top of the charts. (It was the 323rd most popular name last year.)

Arthur's a Celtic name that means "bear," and is most notable as the legendary king and leader of the Knights of the Round Table. Other famous Arthurs include playwright Arthur Miller, Sherlock Holmes author Arthur Conan Doyle, and of course, Happy Days' legendary Arthur Fonzarelli (aka "the Fonz").

I'd pair Arthur with Nathaniel, James, Thaddeus or Gray.

Tell me: What do you think of Arthur? Is it a name you'd consider for your son?

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