Cool Name of the Week: Louisa 28210

I've always been a huge fan of Alfred Hitchcock's movies—particularly Vertigo and Rear Window. But I haven't ever known much about the man other than his famous profile, and his body of work. That's what makes the new set of Hitchcock movies so intriguing—they focus more on the man. There's The Girl, currently playing on HBO, which portrays him as a bit of a creep who really pushed his actresses a bit too far (especially poor Tippi Hedren). And tonight, I saw a preview for a released-to-theaters movie called Hitchcock—it's hard to tell how they're portraying the early suspense master in that flick.

But maybe it's time for the name Alfred to head back into the limelight, now that one of the most famous bearers of the name is experiencing a renaissance. Alfred's an old English name that means "wise counselor," and it's been in the top 1000 names for over a century—though it's barely charting right now. Besides Mr. Hitchcock, it's the name of the the poet Tennyson and Alfred Nobel (the founder of the Nobel prizes). It's not a bad crew to join!

Alfred comes with a handful of great nicknames, including Alfie, Fred and Al. And it'd be great paired with a smart and stylish middle name. Hitchcock's was Joseph, but I like Lane, Flynn or the classic James.

What do you think of Alfred? Is it still too old-fashioned, or does it deserve a fresh start? Don't forget to share your baby name dilemmas with me at lamilbrand AT, and like In Name Only on Facebook, so you can stay up on the latest in baby names!

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