Cool Name of the Week: Louisa 28210

History nerds seem to have been hitting the box office this weekend, as the awesome-looking Lincoln biopic has been doing quite well (even with the competition of a certain pack of sparkly vampires). I'm looking for a kid-free moment to see it. Or truth be told, I'll probably end up doing what I usually do when movies I want to see that don't involve cartoon characters come out—wait until they show up on the pay movie channels. (Just one of the lesser sacrifices of parenthood.)

If you're looking for a name for your baby boy, our nation's 16th president sports one, Abraham, that deserves a second look. It's a biblical name that means "father of many," which seems completely apropos of  the president who fought a war—and lost his life—standing up for the rights of so many. It's a name that is relatively popular (it's hovered around the top 200 mark for the past 30 years), but likely isn't being used by a whole passel of your future son's friends.

And the other benefit is that it comes with a few cool nicknames: There's honest Abe, of course, but also Bram or Brahm, which seem like fresher nickname choices for a more modern Abraham.

As far as middle names with Abraham, you probably don't want to get too funky. I can't imagine an "Abraham Bear" or "Abraham Jet." Stick with shorter but more classic middle names: I like Abraham James, Abraham Charles, or especially, Abraham Grant (the history nerd in me loves the idea of pairing Lincoln's first name with the surname of his most famous general).

So what do you think about naming your child after the Great Emancipator? Cool, or a little too old-fashioned for your taste?

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