By Paula Kashtan
December 26, 2011

Over this last weekend, I got to thinking about -- surprise! -- baby names. Specifically, the name Noel or Noelle. This is a problematic name for me, because 1. I totally love it and 2. I'm Jewish.

I wonder, though, if the name would troublesome even if I did celebrate Christmas. After all, you have a baby during the summer and name her Noelle, and it just doesn't make sense. But, you name a Christmas baby Noelle, and man, are we talking overkill.

There are other names that create similar issues -- Summer, April, Autumn. Can I name my (hypothetical!) June baby April?

Place names can also be trouble. Consider this -- the name Madison was ranked number 8 nationally for girls in 2010, but only number 17 for girls in Wisconsin. Do you think those Wisconsinite parents were turned off because of associations with their capitol city?

What do you think? Is it weirder to name a Christmas baby or a summer baby Noelle? Can you give a baby a place name if that's where you live?



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