Noah Wyle Sara Wells

It's a girl for Noah Wyle and his wife, Sara Wells, who welcomed daughter Frances Harper early last week. She joins her big brother and sister, Owen and Auden. (Loving this sibling set of names, aren't you?)

Frances is the female version of the classic Francis, and it means "free man." It's currently on a bit of an uptick, thanks in part to Pope Francis I. It's currently in the top 700 baby names for girls.

And Harper, the middle name, is a far more popular name—it's currently #11 for girls. It has a lovely meaning, harp player, and has been popular with celebrities: David and Victoria Beckham picked it for their daughter, as did Neil Patrick Harris, Eddie Vedder and Jenna Fischer. (It's also associated with the author Harper Lee, who created the classic To Kill a Mockingbird.

In all, Frances Harper is a lovely baby name that's just a little bit on the unisex side—and a perfect fit with the names of her siblings.

Tell us: What do you think of the baby name Noah Wyle picked for his daughter? Do either Frances or Harper make your baby name short list?

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