By Lisa Milbrand
May 08, 2014
Shelly and Zac Brown 25340

It's (finally) a boy for singer Zac Brown, who joked about continuing to try for that elusive son. Joining big sisters Joni Mason, Georgia Sloan, Lucy and Justice is little brother Alexander Frost.

Alexander is a perennially popular name (currently in the top 10 for boys) that means "defending men." It's an old school name, dating back to the B.C. era with the conquerer Alexander the Great and a bevy of royals and luminaries. It's also one of my personal favorites (it was on my short list for a son)—I love that you can get a bevy of nicknames from it—Al or Alex, or the currently in vogue Xander.

Frost is a pretty cool middle name (pun unintended). It's usually a surname (think the poet Robert Frost and that chilly denizen of winter, Jack)—but I like it in the middle spot here.

What do you think of the name? I think it's actually a little more conservative than his girls' choices, but it's a lovely name nonetheless.

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