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Two celeb couples just welcomed daughters—Ron Livingstone (you'll remember him most memorably as the hypnotized hero Peter of cult classic Office Space), and wife Rosemarie DeWitt (an actress who starred in Standoff) welcomed daughter Gracie James; baseball player Nick Swisher and Reba star Joanna Garcia Swisher welcomed daughter Emerson Jay. So two ladies with names on the boyish side!

Gracie is a more informal version of the word name Grace, a name that's just fallen out of the top 20–and James has been popping up more and more for girls as a clever (and slightly less expected) middle name, in lieu Jane or Ann.

Emerson used to be a boys' only name—but recently, it's become even more popular for girls, where it's currently in the top 250. It's another way to get that popular Emma/Emily/Em sound in your daughter's name. Jay comes from the bluejay bird (or is short for Jason). Traditionally, this was also boys' only, but now it's a girls name, too.

What do you think of these two celebrity "tomboy" names? Are these names you'd want to give your daughter—or would you prefer them for your sons?

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