Vince Vaughn 28441

Vince Vaughn and his wife Kyla welcome a son this week, joining big sister Locklyn Kyla. And the new boy's name? Vernon Lindsay.

Vernon is an English baby name that means "place of alders," and it's fallen out of favor in the U.S., where it hasn't been in the top 1000 for more than a decade. But the popularity of Vernon probably isn't a big issue with Vince—this was a sentimental choice, to name his son after his father.

Lindsay was once a boys' name, but has been mostly commandeered by the girls (just think of the most famous bearer of the name, Lindsay Lohan). It also has an arborial theme, meaning "island of linden trees."

It's a unique set of names that pairs nicely with big sister Locklyn's name—and also has that double V monogram that Vince has.

What do you think of Vernon Lindsay? Do you think either of the names are wearable for boys these days?

Photo: Vince Vaughn by s_bukley /