Rob and Amber Mariano 28596

It's a girl—again!–for Survivor winners Rob and Amber Mariano, who welcomed their fourth daughter on June 20th. Joining big sisters Lucia, Carina and Izabetta is Adelina Rose. Adelina is, of course, a variation on the rising name Adeline, which means noble. Adelina was the 619th most popular name last year, while Adeline was #232 and rising fast.

And Rose is a lovely floral name and a common middle name—in fact, the Survivor pair picked it in the middle spot for all of their daughters. Rose is currently ranked 224th when used as a first name, but I'd guess it ranks even higher as a middle name.

In all, a lovely name, and one that fits in perfectly with her sisters' names.

Tell us: What do you think of Adelina? Would you choose it or the more common Adeline?

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Image: Rob and Amber Mariano courtesy of Rob Mariano/