Tracy Morgan 28421

It's a girl for comedian Tracy Morgan and fiancee Megan Wolliver—and the girl is sporting a very unique name: Maven Sonae.

Maven is a word that means a big fan or expert in a particular topic—and as far as we can tell, she'll be the first lady to sport that name. It's similar to several names that are popular—as Nameberry reports, it's very similar to Maeve and Haven—and names like Mavis and Raven.

I'm not quite sure where Tracy and Megan discovered Sonae. A Google search unearthed a Portuguese retail company that had a scandalous series of fires that at a factory in the UK, and a musician. (I'm leaning more toward the musician as the source of inspiration!) It's also a word that means "persons" in Latin. Anyone have any other potential sources where they may have discovered the name?

I actually kind of dig the name Maven (it kind of sounds like a lesser-known superhero, doesn't it?), but I'm not sure if it works with Morgan—it may be a little too close for comfort to the first name.

What do you think of Maven Sonae as a baby's name? Too offbeat or innovative and cute?

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Image: Tracy Morgan and Megan Wolliver by s_bukley /