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The Hanson brothers may have MMMBopped their way into stardom as a quirky crew of tweens and teens, but now they're all grown up, and Taylor Hanson, the middle-brother Hanson, now has five (yes, five!) kiddos. The newest addition to the Hanson clan (courtesy of Taylor and wife Natalie) is Wilhelmina Jane, who was born on October 2nd, and  joins older siblings Jordan Ezra (known as Ezra), Penelope Anne, River Samuel and Viggo Moriah.

Wilhelmina is a German name that means "protection," and hasn't hit the top 1000 names in the U.S. for the past 60 years—which means this antique name is ripe for a comeback. It's a name that's popped up quite a bit in pop culture, from Wilhelmina Harker, Dracula's intended victim in the classic horror novel to Wilhelmina Slater, the vixenish fashion editrix on TV's Ugly Betty. It's a name that lends itself to a slew of great nicknames, including Wills, Willa and Mina. (And that's important, given the length of the name.)

Jane is rising to megapopularity as a middle name, replacing the classic Anne and Lynn monikers. (And it's not doing too badly as a first name, either.) It's another classic name, that means "gracious gift," and once graced great ladies like author Jane Austen, former English queen Jane Seymour, and screen legend Jane Russell.

Wilhelmina's name fits in well with the rest of her siblings (especially her big sister's name), and flows beautifully with their surname. An excellent choice for their fifth naming effort!

What do you think of the Hanson baby name set? Are there any names in their sizeable list that suit your baby to be?

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