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It's been a veritable babypalooza in Hollywood this week. First Busy Philipps shared the news of her new arrival Cricket—and now two other celebrity couples welcomed new additions. Actress Ali Landry and husband Alejandro Monteverde welcomed son Valentine Francesco, while Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson and wife Kristin's new son was given the moniker Maxwell Haze.

Let's start with the most unusual name: Valentine is the name of the saint that inspired the hearts-and-flowers holiday. It's a name that means healthy and strong, and it's a unique choice—it hasn't been in the top 1000 baby for nearly 65 years. Ali said that the name Francesco was inspired by her recent meeting with the Pope Francis I. It's the Italian version of the name Francis, which means free man. It hasn't been a top 1000 favorite since the turn of the century. Ali's other children have very Italian names—Estela and Marcelo—so Valentine Francesco fits right in the family.

Meanwhile, Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson's new son has a more popular first name—Maxwell is a well-loved choice to get to that cool "Max" nickname—it's currently sitting right below the top 100 most popular names. The name means great stream. Haze seems to be their little nod to the offbeat celebrity names. I doubt they're paying homage to the hazy smog around L.A.—maybe it's a reference to Jimi Hendrix's classic "Purple Haze?" Max joins big brother Mason.

What do you think of the latest Hollywood baby names? Are there any in there that might make your list?

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