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You can't expect a person named Soleil Moon Frye to give their kid a name like James or Mark. And she didn't disappoint with the name of her third child with husband Jason Goldberg—joining big sisters Jagger Joseph Blue and Poet Sienna Rose is baby brother Lyric Sonny Roads.

Lyric is an offbeat choice for a boy—it's usually used for a girl. (In fact, it's in the top 300 names for girls, but barely hits the top 1000 for boys.) It's from the Greek stringed instrument, the lyre, and now is the English word for the words to a song. It's been used pretty equally for girls and boys of celebrities.

Sonny is traditionally a nickname, but lately a few celebs have used it for their sons as an official name. It's most famous for celeb Sonny Bono (whose real name was Salvatore), and Godfather character Santino "Sonny" Coroleone.

And Roads? Well, it's the English word for the street.

Lyric Sonny Roads feels very California celeb to me—it's not a choice I'd pick for myself, but it's definitely not the most out-there name I've ever seen.

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