By Lisa Milbrand
September 04, 2014

Scarlett Johansson and fiance Romain Dauriac welcomed their first child—and gave her a sweetly old-fashioned name, Rose Dorothy.

Rose is, of course, the classic floral name that's never totally gone out of style—it's never been out of the top 400. It's currently on an upswing, and placed at #224 last year for girls. (If you include girls given that name in the middle spot, the numbers would probably rise even higher.) It's shown up all over pop culture, from a character on Downton Abbey to Kate Winslet's heroine in Titanic. (And it was even the name master namer J.K. Rowling picked for Ron and Hermione's daughter in Harry Potter.)

Dorothy hasn't aged quite as well as its floral counterpart. It hit rock bottom, at 996, back in 2006, but is slowly making a comeback (it's currently nearing the top 800). The name means "gift of God," and is most notable for the ruby-slippered heroine of Wizard of Oz and noted writer Dorothy Parker. (Though Scarlett and Romain announced that they chose it in honor of Scarlett's grandmother.)

I assume that wasn't the inspiration behind the name, but Scarlett and Romain also picked two names from the old-lady sitcom Golden Girls—including the character played by celebrated comedienne Betty White.

What do you think? Is Dorothy ready for its comeback? And do you like Rose better in the first or middle spot?

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