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Sorry we've been a little busy holidaying it up at In Name Only, and I nearly missed an intriguing baby name from stylist-turned-designer Rachel Zoe. She and her husband welcomed Rodger Berman welcomed a second son before Christmas, and named him Kaius Jagger—with plans to call him Kai. He joins their first son, Skyler.

Kaius is an alternative spelling for Caius, an ancient Roman name that means rejoice. Latin and Latin-style names have become very popular lately—like Atticus, Magnus and Augustus. Kai itself is a Hawaiian name that means "sea," and has been pretty popular lately. (It's currently in the top 200 baby names.)

Jagger is a surname name, usually used by fans of Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger—and it's been on a sharp rise in the past few years.

I'd probably prefer the old school Caius spelling, as an old-fashioned namer at heart. The K feels just a little too Kardashian for my taste. But I think it's a fun name that works for the son of a very fashionable couple.

What do you think of Rachel Zoe's pick? Anything you'd consider for your son amongst her name choices?

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