By Lisa Milbrand
April 13, 2014
Mike Myers 28556

It's another unconventional name choice for comedian Mike Myers and his wife, Kelly. They welcomed Sunday Molly on Friday—joining big brother Spike.

She isn't the first celebrity baby named after what's apparently everyone's favorite day of the week—Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's daughter also bears that moniker. Sunday has only charted in the top 1000 once, way back in the 1960s—but maybe this second celebrity name sighting could cause a bump in its popularity.

Molly is a pretty traditional nickname for Mary—it dates back to the Middle Ages—and so it bears the same meaning, bitter. But it's a lovely name that's proven very popular—it's been flitting in and out of the top 100 since the 1980s.

All in all, it's offbeat, but not off-putting choice—so it shouldn't freak out most of the baby name traditionalists. The cadence, however, is a bit strange with the triple play of two-syllable names. I would have probably picked a shorter or longer middle name to mix it up a little—I'm liking Sunday Maeve Myers or Sunday Faith Myers as an alternative.

What do you think of Sunday Molly? Do either of those names make your short list?

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