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It's another boy for hot starlet Megan Fox and her husband, former 90210 dude Brian Austin Green. And this time, they went in a totally different direction with the baby name—joining big brother Noah Shannon is Bodhi Ransom.

Bodhi was also picked earlier in the week by actress Teresa Palmer—she paired it with the similar Rain. Bodhi means enlightenment in Sanskrit, and it's just barely charting in the top 1000 baby names for boys. (Though my guess is we'll see a sharp uptick soon, if only because so many Hollywood types have picked it for their sons!)

Ransom is a word name—with kind of a negative connotation at that. It was actually a top 1000 name back in the late 19th and early 20th century, but hasn't seen the top 1000 since the Great Depression.

The name definitely has that Hollywood vibe, which kind of sets it apart from their older son's more classic name.

So what do you think of Bodhi Ransom? Would you consider either of those names for your son? And how do you like Noah and Bodhi together as a sib set?

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