Romantic comedy actress Malin Akerman (you've seen her in Rock of Ages, 27 Dresses, Couples Retreat, and The Proposal) must

Malin Akerman 28382

be celebrating a lot these days. In addition to the upcoming premiere of her cool-looking new TV series—the Netflix-only Hemlock Grove—she just welcomed her first son with husband Roberto Zincone. And she gave her baby boy a red-hot moniker, Sebastian.

Sebastian is currently in the top 70 names in the country, and poised to go higher. It was the name of an early Christian saint—paintings of him with numerous arrow wounds were a popular subject for medieval and Renaissance era artists. It was also a favorite of Shakespeare, who placed characters named Sebastian in two of his plays. And of course, there's the crab from Little Mermaid, too.

Sebastian is usually shortened to Bas or Bast as a nickname, and it's one of my favorite names.

No word on what Malin and Roberto chose as a middle name, but I'd pair it with something short and sweet: James, George, or West would be my top choices.

What do you think of the name Sebastian? Is it too well associated with that calypso-y crab pal of Ariel? Or is it a name you'd consider for your little guy?

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