Lisa Ling baby name 28362

Journalist Lisa Ling and her oncologist husband, Dr. Paul Song, welcomed their brand-new baby girl yesterday. And they chose a relatively unique name for her – especially among girls. Her name is Jett Ling Song.

Jett  has generally been used for boys – it's the name of both John Travolta's  late son and the name of George Lucas's son. It's a variant spelling of jet, a shiny black precious stone or the airplane, but when it's used for a girl, I'm almost wondering if it's  in homage to rock legend Joan Jett. The name is relatively popular, where it's currently in the top 400 names for boys. But it's almost unheard of for little girls.

Ling is obviously Lisa's surname – and when used as a name, it means delicate. So the name is kind of a nice balance between the strong first name Jett, and the softer Ling.

What do you think of Lisa and Paul's baby name choice? Do you think Jett works as a girls' name – or is this Jett destined to be one-of-a-kind?

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