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Celebrity Baby Names: LeBron James' Daughter

LeBron James

NBA phenom LeBron James' daughter hasn't been born yet, but the basketball star jumped the gun and Tweeted out his daughter's name over the weekend. LeBron and wife Savannah will be welcoming daughter Zhuri very soon. Zhuri appears to be a variant spelling of the name Zuri, a Swahili word that means good and beautiful. (A pretty auspicious name, if you ask me—and one that reminds me of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' choice of Suri for their daughter.

No word on what middle name the pair picked for their third child (and first daughter). I think you'd want to steer clear of the standard Lee, Ann or Jane and go with something interesting like Azalea (last week's cool name of the week), Amara, or Giada.

Tell us: What middle name would you suggest for LeBron and Savannah? And what do you think of Zhuri?

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