By Lisa Milbrand
May 07, 2014
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Boy, we've had a lot of celebrity babies born over the past 24 hours! In addition to Bruce Willis and Roger Federer, reality star Kristin Cavallari and Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler welcomed their second son. Joining big brother Camden Jack is Jaxon Wyatt.

Jaxon is an alternative spelling of top 25 baby name Jackson, and it means "son of Jack." This "the-x-makes-it-cooler" variant is also pretty popular—currently #66 on the U.S. charts—and the shorter Jax is one of the fastest rising names in the country.

Wyatt is also on the rise—it's currently in the top 50 names—and it has that element of cowboy cool, thanks to its most famous namesake Wyatt Earp.

Camden and Jaxon make a nice set of siblings—though I have to admit I prefer the more traditional Jackson to the alternative spelling.

What do you think? Would you go with the traditional spelling or the more creative alternative?

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